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The Devil's Double.   Mem's outstanding performance as Kamel Hannah.

Pusher Mem takes on the lead role of Hakan.             

London Heist -  a lead role as an East-End gangster, Lenny Moore.      

Hard Tide **** Four Star reviews from Total Film. Mem is Simon.                

Breakdown                   Mem is Hakan Abaci a major player in this. 

Eliminators an Italian-American cameo for Mem as Girodani.

Miss You Already                        Role as Achmed, scenes with Toni & Drew.

Smoking Guns                       Lead Role of Bektash, a creative feature. 

Emulsion                           Cameo Role as Egor

Plastic                                                 Another lead hard man role - as Tariq

The Veteran                             Role: Hakeem

Revolver                     Scene's with Liotta and Statham 

Hyena                   Great crime film                                   Role: Akif Dikman

Legacy : Black Ops                               Fight scenes with Idris Elba. Role Vladimir

DirtyMoney                       Lead Role: Ilir Duka 

Ill Manors      Critically acclaimed.                                                    Role: Vladimir


Mem is Vladimir Miszich in this thriller. 

The Crew                           Liverpudlian gangsters Role: Dusan 

Gridiron UK                    First comedy role.                               Role: Laddo

Evita                                     Role: Arresting Officer